Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes for 05/26/2021                 

Call to Order: 6:07 pm

1)      Attendance

Board Members Present:

·         Doug Bunting (President)

·         Grantley Martelly (Vice President)

·         Michael Yi (Secretary)

·         Angela Seo (Treasurer)

·         Brenda Goodson-Moore (Board Member)

Contractors Present:

·         Eydie Leighty (HOA Property Manager)

·         Michael Leighty

Homeowners Present:

·         None

Guests Present:

·         None


2)      Old Business


Last meeting minutes are being approved online remotely. Need to vote to enter all online votes into the minutes at the next meeting.



New Landscaper

Utility for street lights has been transferred to city of Auburn

Park and related lots transferred to HOA

Website up and running (Contracted w/ MyHOA as new HOA mgmt.)


Communication with homeowners – email, Facebook, MyHOA

        Eydie access to Facebook Page completed

                        Not an admin though; admin access not needed for now


MyHOA Website

                Number of registrations (14/56 registered)

                                1 account per lot

                22 homeowners don’t have any contact information

                                Print up letter and drop off door-to-door to encourage registration


Fee and fine schedule

Compliance policy posted on HOA website


o   No collection policy is in place at the moment

o   1% fee per month – need to adjust this to incentivize fees to be paid

o   Advised: 2yrs worth of dues before filing a lien

o   Can send lien warning at any time


Financial Overview

Waiting on final bank statements from J&M

Balance is up to date on website

Placeholder for unaccounted balance on the books

1 year worth of expenses is captured on the website


3)      New Business


·         Few people send in requests

·         What is the HOA’s stance on ACC

o   ACC requests are necessary regardless if its visible or not according to CC&R (i.e. any changes to the lots)

o   Anything that’s constructed (i.e. retaining walls, concrete patio)

§  Minor landscaping is not required

o   If unsure, just file a request. Want to make sure there isn’t a negative impact on neighbors

o   Home owner must verify their own permit requirements

o   Need to communicate out to neighborhood that ACC is necessary

·         Violation for unauthorized changes

o   Board has capability to retroactively approve ACCs


Board Meeting protocol – Robert Rules (template given)

·         Call meeting to order

·         Secretary takes attendance

o   Ensure you have quorum (25% or more present for owners or majority for board) to take votes (except to fail a budget which is 51%)

·         Follow template



·         Variances are put in place for garbage/recycling/yard


Communication with landscaper

·         Contact Eydie to contact landscaper


Community Park

·         Usage with respect to dogs

o   Lack of proper cleanup after dogs

o   Landscaper takes care of dog station and park garbage

o   File issue if the homeowner is known; will issue post card

·         Damage and Repair

o   Work underway


Welcome Committee

·         Brenda to lead, Grantley to assist


4)      Action Items

·         Eydie to draft full collection policy for liens and fees

                        Late fee

                        Trigger for liens

·         Eydie to send out card to neighborhood to remind about ACC

o   Voted by board: unanimous agreement

·         Doug to review CCR violation forms and compile recommendation together in 1 month


5)      CCR Reviews

·         Issue 11865: Closed. Grandfathered in. Eydie to make contact to explain reasoning. Board voted unanimous approval to grandfather in. Highlights necessity to clarity rules and regulations.


6)      ACC Requests

·         Issue 11878: Re-issue reminder


7)      Other

·         Reserve study recommended for finances

o   Do for this year for next year’s budget

o   Limit at $900/yr for next 3 years, built into budget

o   Voted, unanimous approval


Meeting Adjourned: 7:41 pm