Westridge Auburn HOA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Date: 1/12/2021
Board Members
✓ Angela Seo
Brenda Moore – absent
✓ Doug Bunting
✓ Grantley Martelly
✓ Michael Yi
Election of Officers for 1 year term
The following positions were agreed upon.
  • President: Doug Bunting
  • Vice President: Grantley Martelly
  • Secretary: Michael Yi
  • Treasurer: Angela Seo
HOA Management Company
It was discussed and voted on by board members the motion to switch management companies. The costs and benefits were briefly discussed. It was unanimous to proceed with terminating the contract with J&M Management and establishing a contract with MyHOA.
  • Draft termination letter to be sent to J&M Management - Doug
  • Contact MyHOA for transition information - Doug
There is no written contract for our current landscaper, Cascade Green Landscaping. Angela and Mike contacted their landscapers to see if they would be interested in maintaining the common areas. Both showed interest and provided quotes. The HOA will conduct a formal bid process and will also ask Cascade Green Landscaping to participate. Will also include landscapers on MyHOA’s preferred list.
Contract will need to be in place by early spring.
Neighborhood walk throughs
MyHOA does not do walk throughs. Discussed if board members were willing to take on that responsibility. All agreed we can take on the responsibility. Briefly discussed the frequency and how to rotate the responsibility. Acknowledged that further planning and guidelines would be required so that each inspection is consistent.
Follow-up on Actions from General HOA meeting
Standing water in park – Doug visited homeowner and area of concern and noted there are two issues.
  1. Two sprinkler heads need to be replaced. One is broken and floods the park next to the fence line. The second head should have a 90 degree rotation but rotates 360, degrees watering the fence and hill outside of the park. Currently the irrigation system is winterized and turned off. The two heads need to be replaced before system is turned on in the spring.
  2. The water in park does not drain and will pool next to the fence that borders neighboring property. The homeowner is concerned that the water will rot the fence posts prematurely. Since it boarders the park, the HOA will be partially responsible for fence repair or replacement. Solution would be to install a French drain or dig trench for water to flow down the hill.
High Water Pressure
Doug called recommended plumber (John). He installed a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) for homeowner at lot [redacted]. Water pressure in development range between 80 – 100+ psi. Lakehaven recommends a PRV for homes with psi above 80. He suggested we contact Lakehaven’s Development and Engineering department for parcel information. Lakehaven calculates psi for each lot prior to construction and if over 80 they recommend the builder install the PRV. The parcel document may show information showing the Richmond was aware of the requirement. He also suggested getting Lakehaven to get “official” readings throughout the neighborhood to document pressure. John is willing to install PRV and is open to discounting is price if we multiple homeowners.