HOA Board Meeting
Monday, 05.20.2019 @ 7:00pm
Angela Seo
Brenda Moore
Doug Bunting
Michelle Blaise
Mgt.-Sara Grulich
Agenda/Discussed Action Items
Last Meeting Follow-up
  1. Tilted street sign(s) - Brenda submitted few months back
New Business
    1. Addressing unpaid HOA claims
      1. Second Strike: 14 day notice → intent to lien

    2. Sending out regular newsletters for the community (3/year ~ $220.50)
      1. Spring - March 2019
      2. Summer - End of June/Early July 2019
        1. Side Parking (301st)
          1. Notify homeowners of City of Auburn rules and regulations
          2. Notify homeowners citations are being handed out from the city police that are blocking the stop sign and fire hydrant
        2. Summer is here, let’s be sure to upkeep our lawns or you will be subject to a fine
        3. Be courteous and pick up after your pets in the private park
          1. If there continues to be animal waste piling around, HOA holds the right to close off the private park to all animals.
        4. Pick up after selves to prevent garbage and litter floating around other properties.
        5. Shoutout to the Calla Crest HOA Facebook Group and callacresthoa@gmail.com
        6. Calla Crest Night Out Community Picnic - Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 (time tbd by City)
          1. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
            1. HOA will reimburse for plates, napkins, buns, patties, wieners, ketchup, mustard
            2. BYOB and BYOC (bring your own chair)
          2. Grills (Doug will ask other neighbors if they can bring out their grills)
        7. Auburn Community Yard Sale
      3. Fall - October 2019
    3. Purchase surveillance signs to post at entrance and at park? (2 signs total) ~$23/ea. for 10x14
    4. Landscaping
      1. Obtain approved list/types of trees that are permitted to be planted on side strips for homes that are missing a tree
    5. Facebook Group
      1. Attach blank HOA home alterations document for easy access to homeowners
    6. Plat map
      1. Understanding correct property line for lots 50-56
        1. Angela requesting Brenda print/send plat map for lot 56 & 38, and lot 53 & 42 to ensure proper understanding of property line for potential future landscaping (prefer large print out)
  • HOA board maintaining callacresthoa@gmail.com - [password redacted]
    • Angela - January, June, November 2019
    • Brenda - February, July, December 2019
    • Doug - March, August, November 2019
    • Grantley - April and September 2019
    • Michelle - May and October 2019
Next Meeting Agenda Items
  • Next meeting scheduled for:
    Monday, July 22
    7:00PM - 9:00PM
    @ Doug Bunting’s home