HOA Assessments, Fees & Fines: Westridge Auburn
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The following is the delinquency policy, fine policy, and schedules for fees and fines, as provided for in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Westridge Auburn Homeowners Association and RCW 64.38.020.
Assessment Amount Per Home (2021) $ 480.00 Annual
    480.00 Monthly
Due Date (2021)   01/01/2021 Paid in full
Grace Period   30
Assessment Late Fee $ 0.00 Monthly
Assessment Delinquent Interest   1% per annum
Special Assessment Late Fee $   same as assessments
Special Assessment Delinquent Interest   1% per annum
Collection Service Fee $ 25.00 per month
Returned Check Fee (each check) $ 25.00 Does not include any issuing bank fees.
Lien Filing Fee $ 330.00  
Legal Handling Fee $ 50.00  
Lien Release Fee $ 100.00  
Escrow Transfer Fee $ 100.00  



First Notice   none
Second Notice Fine $ 50.00
Third Notice Fine $ 100.00
Fourth Notice Fine $ 200.00