Section 1. Exterior Maintenance by Owner. Each Lot and Residence shall be maintained by the Owner in a neat, clean and sightly condition at all times and shall be kept free of accumulations of litter, junk, containers, equipment, building materials and other debris. All refuse shall be kept in sanitary containers sealed from the outlook of any Lot. The containers shall he emptied regularly and their contents disposed of off the Lot. No grass cuttings, leaves, limbs, branches, and other debris from vegetation shall be dumped or allowed to accumulate on any part of the Properties, except that a regularly tended compost device (approved by the Committee) shall be permitted. The Owners of each Lot shall maintain the lawn and landscaping on the Lot in a condition consistent with the maintenance standards of the Subdivision. This includes, but is not limited to, adequate watering, removing weeds, dead or diseased plants which must be replaced with the appropriate planting, mowing, edging and fertilizing. The Owners of each Lot shall maintain any fence located on its Lot by keeping it in good repair. This includes staining any exterior fencing which faces the right of way or is visible from the right of way and replacing damaged fence boards. The stain for the fence shall be a natural stain color chosen by Declarant. Lots adjacent to fence, rockery or shrub improvements shall allow the Owner reasonable access in order to facilitate the inspection, maintenance and/or repair of the fence, rockery or shrubs. Access to the adjoining Lot by the fence, rockery or shrub shall not impede the Lot Owners' right for quiet use and enjoyment.
Section 2. Lot Maintenance by the Association. In the event an Owner fails to maintain the exterior of his premises and the improvements situated thereon in a manner consistent with maintenance standards of the Westridge Auburn Subdivision, the Association shall, upon receipt of written complaint of any Owner, or upon its own initiative, and a subsequent investigation, have the right through its agents and employees to enter upon the offending Owner's Lot and repair, maintain and restore the Lot and exterior of the improvements on that Lot if the Owner shall fail to respond in a manner satisfactory to the Association within fourteen (14) days after mailing of adequate notice by certified mail to the last known address of the Owner. The cost of such repair, maintenance or restoration shall be assessed against the Lot, and the Association shall have the right to cause to be recorded a notice of lien for labor and materials furnished, which lien may be enforced in the manner provided by law. In the event that the estimated cost of such repair should exceed one-half of one percent of the assessed value of the Lot and improvements on that Lot, the Association shall be required to have the consent of fifty-one percent (51 %) of the Members before undertaking such repairs.