Section 1. Responsibility for Maintaining Common Maintenance Areas. The Association is responsible for maintaining and preserving the character and function of areas designated on the face of the Plat and these covenants as Common Maintenance Areas. Common Maintenance Areas have been set aside for landscaping and community identification purposes and those areas are referred to in Article IV, Section 2 above.
Section 2. Repair of Common Maintenance Areas. Any damage to Common Maintenance Areas or improvements thereon, including landscape plantings, sprinkler systems, fences, berms, etc., by the Owners or their children or guests shall be repaired by the Association and the Owner who caused the area to be damaged shall be responsible for reimbursing the Association all costs incurred by the Association for the repairs. The Owner shall be obliged to immediately remit funds for the repair to the Association. If the Owner fails to promptly make payment for such repairs, the Owner shall be charged interest at the rate of twelve (12%) percent per annum.
Section 3. Management. Each Owner expressly covenants that the Board and the Declarant, during the Development Period, may delegate all or any portion of their management authority to a managing agent, manager or officer of the Association and may enter into such management contracts or other service contracts to provide for maintenance and the operation of Common Maintenance Areas and any portion thereof. Any management agreement or employment agreement for the maintenance or management of the Common Maintenance Areas or any portion thereof shall be terminable by the Association without cause upon thirty (30) days' written notice thereof; the term of any such agreement shall not exceed three (3) years, renewable by agreement of the parties for successive three (3) year periods. Each Owner is bound to observe the terms and conditions of any such management agreement or employment contract, all of which shall be made available for inspection by any Owner on request. Fees applicable to any such management, employment or service agreement shall be assessed to the Association or Owners.