Section 1. Conveyance of Common Areas. All Common Areas shall be owned and maintained by the Association.
Section 2. Common Maintenance Areas. Common Maintenance Areas shall include those portions of all real property (including improvements thereon) maintained by the Association for the benefits of the members of the Association. The areas to be maintained by the Association are: for Tract A — landscaping strips along the stormwater pond perimeter, other than the interior pond embankment; and the perimeter fencing on the west side of Tract A, if any; the access facilities in Tract B along with the preservation of the existing native vegetation; the temporary emergency access facilities in Tract C; the access facilities in Tract D, including all gates and fencing; the access facilities in Tract E; all landscape strips along the Plat roads, including irrigation; street trees; entry signage and landscaping, if any, including water and electric; and the mailbox stands located throughout the Properties. In addition; the maintenance of the storm conveyance structures and swale located on the adjacent parcels to the west of the Plat, as legally described in the Temporary Grading and Maintenance Easement attached hereto as Exhibit B. The Association shall have the right and the obligation to maintain the Common Maintenance Areas and shall pay the actual cost of the same from annual or special assessments as appropriate.
Section 3. Alteration of the Common Areas and Common Maintenance Areas. Nothing shall be altered, or constructed in, or removed from the Common Areas or Common Maintenance Areas except upon prior written consent of the Association.
Section 4. Dumping in Common Areas and Common Maintenance Areas. No trash, plant or grass clippings or other debris of any kind shall be dumped, deposited or placed on or within the Common Areas or Common Maintenance Areas.