Section 1. Residential Restrictions. All Lots within the Properties shall be used solely for single family residential purposes and related facilities normally incidental to a residential community, except as allowed by Section 4 below, however, no single family residence restriction set forth in this Declaration shall be meant to preempt the Federal Fair Housing Act. Private single family Residences shall consist of no less than one Lot.
Section 2. Property Use Restrictions. No Lot shall be used in a fashion which unreasonably interferes with the Owner's right to use and enjoy their respective Lots or Common Areas. The Board, the Committee designated by it, or the Declarant shall determine whether any given use of the Properties and/or Lot unreasonably interferes with those rights and such determinations shall be conclusive.
Section 3. Prohibition of Nuisances and Untidy Conditions. No noxious or offensive activity shall be conducted on any Lot or Common Area nor shall anything be done or maintained on the Properties which may be or become an activity or condition which unreasonably interferes with the right of other Owners to use and enjoy any part of the Properties. No activity or condition shall be conducted or maintained on any part of the Properties which detract from the value of the Properties as a residential community. No untidy or unsightly condition shall be maintained on the Properties.
Section 4. Business. No trade, craft, home business, professions, manufacturing, commercial enterprise or commercial activity of any kind which shall interfere with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of any part of the Subdivision, shall be conducted or carried on upon any Lot or within any building located within the Subdivision. All businesses must comply with any applicable City regulations and ordinances.
Section 5. Temporary Structures for Residential Purposes. No structure of a temporary character or trailer, recreational vehicle, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn, or other out buildings shall be used on any Lot at any time as a Residence, either temporarily or permanently. No vehicles parked in public rights-of-way may be used temporarily or permanently for residential purposes. All such structures shall be removed at the expense of the Owner of the Lot on which the structure is located. This provision shall not apply to the Declarant during the Development Period, including the home construction period.
Section 6. Mining. No oil drilling, oil development operations, oil refining, quarrying, or mining operation of any kind shall be permitted on or in any Lot, nor shall oil wells, tanks, tunnels, mineral excavation of shafts be permitted on or in any Lot. No derrick or other structure designed for use in boring for oil or natural gas shall be erected, maintained or permitted upon any Lot.
Section 7. Animals. No animals, other than dogs, cats, small caged birds, tanked fish, and other conventional small household pets, may be kept on any Lot, provided they are not kept, bred, or maintained for a commercial purpose and they do not unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment of any part of the Properties. Dogs shall not be allowed to run at large. Dogs shall be kept on a leash or otherwise confined in a manner acceptable to the Committee whenever outside the dwelling. Lot Owners shall be responsible for the removal of their animal's waste wherever it is deposited within the Property. Dog runs and enclosures shall be kept clean and odor free at all times. Dog runs, kennels, enclosures to be built must be submitted to the Committee for approval. Consistent with the City of Auburn's leash law, pets shall be registered, licensed and inoculated from time to time as required by the City of Auburn or any applicable law.
Section 8. Garbage and Refuse. No garbage, refuse, rubbish, cuttings, or debris of any kind shall be deposited on or left upon any Lot unless placed in an attractive container suitably located and screened from public view from the street and from the ground level of adjacent Lots and Common Area. Such containers shall be returned to the screened location by the end of each scheduled pick-up day. All equipment for the storage of disposal of such materials shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
Section 9. Rental and Leasing. The Owner (except for a lender in possession of a Lot and improvements located thereon following a default in a first Mortgage, a foreclosure proceeding, or any deed of trust sale or other arrangement in lieu of a foreclosure) shall be prohibited from leasing or renting less than the entire Lot or improvements thereon unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors. All leases and rental agreements shall be in writing and shall specify that it is subject to this Declaration, the Articles and Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. If a lease or rental agreement does not state that the rental is subject to this Declaration, the Articles and Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations, it shall nonetheless be subject to such documents. A violation of the tenant/lessee in complying with this Declaration, the Articles or Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations shall be enforceable against the tenant/lessee and the Owner.
If a Lot or home is rented by its Owner, the Board, on behalf of the Association, may collect and the renter or lessee shall pay over to the Board, so much of the rent for such Lot or home as is required to pay any amounts due the Association hereunder, plus interest and costs, if the same are in default over thirty (30) days. The renter or lessee shall not have the right to challenge payment over to the Board, and such payment will discharge the lessee's or renter's duty of payment to the Owner for rent, to the extent such rent is paid to the Association, but will not discharge the liability of the Owner of the Lot under this Declaration for assessments and charges, or operate as an approval of the lease. The Board shall not exercise this power where a receiver has been appointed with respect to the Lot or its Owner, nor in derogation of any rights which a mortgagee of such Lot may have with respect to such rents. Other than as stated in this Article, there are no restrictions on the right of any Owner to lease or otherwise rent such Owner's Lot or home.
Section 10. Parking of Vehicles; Storage of Goods; Equipment or Devices.  There shall be no permanent and/or temporary storage of goods, equipment, or devices permitted in open outlook from any Lot or right-of-way. The term "Vehicles" as used herein shall include, without limitation, automobiles, vans or trucks with or without business logo, campers, trucks, busses, motor homes, mobile homes, boats, trailers, portable aircraft, motorcycles, snowmobiles, minibikes, scooters, go-carts, and any other towed or self-propelled transportation type vehicle. The term "Passenger Vehicles" as used herein shall include passenger automobiles, vans, small trucks, motorcycles, and similar type vehicles used regularly and primarily as transportation for the occupants of the Lot. The term "Commercial and Recreational Vehicles" as used herein shall include, without limitation, vans or trucks with business logos, campers, busses, motor homes, mobile homes, boats, trailers, portable aircraft, motorcycles, snowmobiles, minibikes, scooters, and go-carts. The following restrictions apply:
  1. "Garage Parking Spaces" shall mean the number of parking spaces within a garage attached to a Residence equal to the number of garage doors on the garage. A double wide garage door shall count as two (2) Garage Parking Spaces. All Passenger Vehicles shall be parked in either a Garage Parking Space or upon the driveway;

  2. No Commercial and/or Recreational Vehicle shall be permitted on the driveway of any other portion of the Owner's Lot, except within a garage, however, Recreational Vehicles shall be allowed to park on the driveway for a maximum twenty-four (24) hour period, for the sole purpose of loading and unloading the Recreational Vehicle;

  3. No Vehicles and/or Passenger Vehicles shall be parked overnight on any right-of-way adjoining any Lot;

  4. No Vehicles parked on the driveway may extend over the sidewalk and/or into the right-of-way; and

  5. Owners who have visiting guests intending to stay shall be allowed to park their Passenger Vehicle either in the Garage Parking Space or upon the driveway.
The Association shall give an Owner a written notice of an improperly parked or stored Vehicle and/or improperly stored goods, equipment, or devices. The Owner shall have twenty-four (24) hours to remove said Vehicle and/or goods, equipment, or devices if the Owner has not moved the said Vehicle within the required time period, the Association may have the Vehicle towed at the Owner's expense; assess the Owner daily fines until the Vehicle is removed; and/or place a lien against the Owner's Lot. If the Owner has not removed the said goods, equipment, or devices within the required time period the Association may have the goods, equipment, or devices removed; assess the Owner daily fines until the goods, equipment, or devices are removed, and/or place a lien against the Owner's Lot.
Section 11. Plans and Specifications Must be Approved. Any Residence or temporary or permanent structure constructed in the Plat by a builder or Lot Owner other than Declarant, must have their plans and specs reviewed and approved by the Declarant, or Architectural Control Committee, if selected, as provided for in Article Xl. The Declarant or Committee, if selected, shall determine if the general building and land use restrictions are met. The Declarant may prepare residential Design Guidelines which may contain guidelines in addition to those set forth herein. During the Development Period, Declarant shall have the sole authority to amend the general building and land use restrictions set forth herein and any Design Guidelines, consistent with the land use restrictions and conditions of Plat approval.
Section 12. Exterior Colors. Any changes to the exterior color of any improvement located on a Lot must be approved by the Committee prior to the commencement of the painting or construction of the improvement.
Section 13. Protection of Trees. Owners shall not cut down trees located within the Properties. Owners shall notify the Board of any dead or diseased tree located on their Lot and the Association shall determine if the tree should be removed.
Section 14. Fences. No fences shall be erected without the prior written approval of the Committee. Fences shall be allowed on a Lot and its location shall be subject to easements and restrictions set forth on the Plat, restrictions set forth in this Declaration and the Design Guidelines established by the Declarant, if any, and prior written approval of the Committee. Each Lot Owner shall be responsible for the continued maintenance and repair of any fence on its Lot.
Section 15. Dog Runs and Enclosures. Proposed dog runs and enclosures must be approved, in writing, prior to their construction by the Committee. All dog runs visible from the street, side, or rear yard of another Lot shall be fenced or screened with material approved by the Committee.
Section 16. Accessory Structures. Accessory buildings which are appurtenant to the use of an existing permanent residential building shall be permitted on a Lot. Permitted accessory buildings shall include, without limitation, greenhouses, playhouses, tool sheds, woodsheds, doghouses, dog runs, dog enclosures, and gazebos. No accessory building shall be placed on a Lot unless the plans for the accessory building have been first approved as to the design, materials, and location on the Lot by the Committee. The Committee may refuse to approve an accessory building if, in the exercise of the discretion of the Committee, the structure detracts from the general visual appearance to the Subdivision or other homes. The location of an accessory building shall be at a place which minimizes the visual impact and, as a general guideline, shall be in the side or rear yard behind the front of the home. The Committee may require visual screening of accessory buildings from adjacent Lots.
All structures and improvements shall comply with the provisions of the applicable Building Code, as amended from time to time, relating to setback requirements, drainage easements and other easements of buffers; provided that nothing herein shall require removal of a building which was originally placed in conformity with such Building Code because of a change in the Building Code.
Section 17. Signs. No signs, billboards, or other advertising structure or device shall be displayed to the public outlook on any Lot, except one sign not to exceed four (4) square feet in area, may be placed on a Lot to offer the Lot for sale or rent.
Signs may be used by the Declarant, or an agent of Declarant's, to advertise the Lots during the construction and sale period. Declarant's signs may include project marketing signs, directional signs and model home signs.
Political signs may not be displayed more than sixty (60) days before an election and must be removed within seven (7) days following the election date. Political signs may not be placed on Tracts or Rights of Way owned or maintained by the Homeowners Association.
Section 18. Swimming Pools. No swimming pools, lap pools, or spas shall be constructed, erected, or maintained upon any Lot without the prior written consent of the Committee. The Committee may disallow any or all pools or spas in their sole discretion and shall have the authority to establish rules governing the use of any such facilities. Considerations shall include, but not be limited to, the visual and audio intrusion such facility and associated activities would have on surrounding residences. The installation of any such facility shall be in accordance with the plans approved by the Committee in addition to all local and state building ordinances and use of such facility shall be in strict compliance with the conditions of approval set down by the Committee.
Section 19. Utilities and Satellite Dishes. No lines of wires for the transmission of electric current or of television, radio or telephone signals shall be constructed, placed or permitted to be placed outside of the building of a Lot, unless the lines and wires shall be underground or in conduit attached to a building. No exterior aerials, antennas, microwave receivers or satellite dishes for television or other purposes shall be permitted on any Lot except for satellite dishes up to 24" in diameter that may be installed on the sides or the rear of the home.
Section 20. Gardens, Play Equipment, Sport Courts, Pools, Spas and Basketball Standards. No permanent and/or portable basketball standards or other play equipment may be situated in any private or public right-of-way. Portable basketball standards need not be submitted for approval but must be properly stored on the rear side of the Residence or in the garage. Any violation of these restrictions may result in the removal of such device. The Committee may require visual screening of play equipment, sports equipment, sport courts, pool and spas.
Section 21. Decks and Patios. The Committee may require screening such as skirting for decks which extend four (4) feet or more off the ground.
Section 22. Holiday Displays and other Exterior Adornments. All holiday displays and decorations must be removed within two (2) weeks of the end of the pertinent holiday. No displays or decorations may be installed earlier than six (6) weeks before the pertinent holiday.
Section 23. Flag and Flag Poles. Any display of the flag of the United States by an Owner must be displayed in a manner consistent with the federal flag display law 4 U.S.C. Sec. 9 et sec. The Committee shall review and approve the placement and manner of display of the flag and the Committee shall review and approve the location and size of a flagpole used for the display of the United States flag. Flag poles used by Declarant on the Properties to advertise the Subdivision shall be allowed.
Section 24. Permits. No construction or exterior addition or change or alteration of any structure may be started on any portion of the Properties without the Owner first obtaining a building permit and other necessary permits from the proper local governmental authority and written approval of such permits from the Board, Committee or the Declarant.
Section 25. Codes. All construction shall conform to the requirements of the State of Washington codes (building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing) and local requirements required by the City of Auburn in force at the commencement of the construction, including the latest revisions thereof.
Section 26. Entry for Inspection. Any agent, officer or member of the Board, Committee, or the Declarant may, except in cases of emergency, at any reasonable predetermined hour, upon 24 hours' notice during construction or exterior remodeling, enter and inspect the structure to determine if there has been compliance with the provisions of this Declaration. The above-recited individuals shall not be deemed guilty of trespass for such entry or inspection. There is created an easement over, upon and across the residential Lots for the purpose of making and carrying out such inspections.
Section 27. Contractor. No home may be constructed on any Lot other than by a contractor licensed as a general contractor under the statutes of the State of Washington and the prior written approval of the Committee.
Section 28. Fines. In the event a Lot Owner violates any of the covenants, conditions and/or restrictions set forth in this document, the Association has the right to assess fines for said violations. The Board of Directors shall adopt Rules and Regulations which shall set forth the fines for violations of any of the covenants, conditions and/or restrictions set forth in this document. The Board of Directors may choose to pursue legal channels to gain injunctive relief and any associated legal expenses will be added to the fines. Such fines shall be collectible in the same manner as assessments and any remedies available for the collection of assessments shall also be available for the collection of fines.
Section 29. Construction and Sale Period. So long as Declarant owns any property in the Subdivision for development and/or sale, the restrictions set forth in this article shall not be applied or interpreted as to prevent, hinder or interfere with development, construction or sales activities of Declarant or any builder or developer approved by Declarant.