Section 1. Architectural Control Committee ("Committee"). The Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) and not more than five (5) members. It is not a requirement that members of the Committee be (1) Owners or (2) members of the Association.
During the Development Period, the Declarant may elect to exercise and perform the functions of the Committee. If the Declarant elects not to perform this function or at any time elects to no longer perform this function, the Declarant or the Board shall appoint the Committee to function as herein provided. After termination of the Development Period, the functions of the Committee shall be performed by the Board until such time as the Board shall appoint and designate the Committee. The Committee shall be appointed within one month of the election of the Board following the termination of the Development Period.
Section 2. Jurisdiction and Purpose. The Committee, or Declarant if a Committee has not been appointed, shall review proposed plans and specifications for Residences, accessory structures, fences, rockeries, appurtenant recreational facilities other exterior structures to be placed upon the Lots or Properties. No exterior addition or structural alteration may be made until plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, heights, materials and location of the proposed structure or alteration have been submitted to and approved, in writing, by the Committee. The Committee shall also review proposals to change the exterior color of Residences in the Subdivision. The Committee shall determine whether the exterior design and location of the proposed structure, alteration, or color change harmonizes with the surrounding structures, surrounding natural and built environment, and aesthetic character of other Residences in the Subdivision.
Section 3. Membership. The Committee shall be designated by the Board. An election to fill either a newly created position on the Committee or a vacancy on the Committee requires the vote of the majority of the entire Board. However, the Board is not obliged to fill a vacancy on the Committee unless the membership of the Committee numbers less than three (3) persons.
Section 4. Designation of a Representative. The Committee may unanimously designate one or more of its members or a third party to act on behalf of the Committee with respect to both ministerial matters and discretionary judgments. The recommendations of such individuals are subject to review by the entire Committee at the request of any member of the Committee.
Section 5. Voting. Committee decisions shall be determined by a majority vote by the members of the Committee.
Section 6. Submission of Plans and Specs. All plans and specifications required to be submitted to the Committee shall be submitted by mail to the address of the Committee in duplicate. The written submission shall contain the name and address of the Owner submitting construction plans and specs which include, but are not limited to: a site plan, architectural, grading, lighting, and landscape plans. The plans and specifications should contain the following information:
  1. The location of the residence, doorways, windows, garage doors, accessory structures, property lines, easements, setbacks, landscaping, rockeries, fences, and the driveway upon the Lot;

  2. Building elevations for all sides of the residence and/or accessory structures with reference to the existing and finished Lot grade. Include foundation, windows, garages, doorways, roof pitch, porches, decks, stairways;

  3. The elevation of the landscaping, rockeries, and fences with reference to existing and finished Lot grade. Materials, colors, and textures under consideration must be indicated. For proposed fences and rockeries, show relationship to fences and grades on adjacent Lots;

  4. Drainage flows;

  5. Exterior finish materials, colors, and textures under consideration. Include roof;

  6. Landscape plan. Indicate species of plant material, size and height, and location; and

  7. Other information which may be required in order to determine whether the standards in this Declaration have been met.
Section 7. Plan Check Fee. All individuals submitting plans to the Committee and not using Declarant as their house builder shall be obliged to pay a reasonable plan check fee to cover the administrative costs of reviewing such development proposals. It will be necessary to pay the plan check fee upon submitting plans and specifications to the Committee. A plan check fee plus a damage deposit shall be required for the review of plans and specifications for Residences. A plan check fee shall be required for the review of accessory structures and alterations. All fees and deposits shall be determined by the Committee.
Section 8. Evaluating Development Proposals. The Committee shall have the authority to establish aesthetic standards for evaluating development proposals. The Committee shall determine whether the external design, color, building materials, appearance, setbacks, height, configuration, and landscaping of the proposed structure harmonize with the various features of the natural and built environment, the aesthetic character of the other Residences in the Subdivision, and any other factors which affect the desirability or suitability of a proposed structure or alteration.
Section 9. Exclusions. Plans and specifications for Residences constructed by Declarant shall not be reviewed by the Committee.
Section 10. Approval Procedures. Within thirty (30) days after the receipt of plans and specifications, the Committee shall approve or disapprove the proposed improvement. The Committee may decline to approve plans and specifications which, in its opinion, do not conform to restrictions articulated in this Declaration or to its aesthetic standards. The Committee shall indicate its approval or disapproval on one of the copies of the plans and specifications provided by the applicant and shall return the plans and specifications to the address shown on the plans and specifications. In the event no disapproval of such plans and specifications is given within thirty (30) days of submission, the plans and specifications shall be deemed to be approved by the Committee and construction pursuant to the plans and specifications may be commenced. This provision shall not apply to plans and specifications for homes which will be constructed by Declarant.
Section 11. Compliance with Codes. In all cases, ultimate responsibility for satisfying all local building codes and requirements rests with the Owner and contractor employed by the Owner. The Committee has no responsibility for ensuring that plans and specifications which it reviews comply with relevant building and zoning requirements. All structures and improvements shall comply with the provisions of the applicable building code relating to height restrictions, setback requirements, drainage easements and other easements and/or restrictions. No person on the Committee or acting on behalf of the Committee shall be held responsible for any defect in any plans or specifications which are approved by the Committee nor shall any member of the Committee or any person acting on behalf of the Committee be held responsible for any defect in a structure which was built pursuant to plans and specifications approved by the Committee.
Section 12. Variation. The Committee shall have the authority to approve plans and specifications which do not conform to these restrictions in order to (1) overcome practical difficulties or (2) prevent undue hardship from being imposed on an Owner as a result of applying these restrictions. However, such variations may only be approved in the event the variation will not (1) place a detrimental impact on the overall appearance of the Subdivision, (2) impair the attractive development of the Subdivision, or (3) adversely affect the character of nearby Lots or Common Maintenance Areas. Granting such a variation shall not constitute a waiver of the restrictions articulated in this Declaration. Variations shall only be granted in extraordinary circumstances.
Section 13. Enforcement. In any judicial action to enforce a determination of the Committee, the losing party shall pay the prevailing party's attorneys' fees, expert witness fees, and other costs incurred in connection with such a legal action or appeal.