Section 1. Enforcement of Declaration. The Board shall have the power to enforce the provisions of this Declaration and the Rules and Regulations of the Association for the benefit of the Association. The failure of any Owner to comply with the provisions of this Declaration or the Rules and Regulations of the Association will give rise to a cause of action in the Association (acting through the Board) and any aggrieved Owner for recovery of damages, or injunctive relief, or both.
Section 2. Board of Directors. The number of Directors shall be set forth in the Bylaws. The Board of Directors shall be elected by the Owners in accordance with the Bylaws. All Board positions shall be open for election at the first annual meeting after termination of the Development Period. The terms of the Board are defined in the Bylaws.
Section 3. Powers of the Board. All powers of the Board must be exercised in accordance with the specifications which are set forth in the Bylaws. The Board, for the benefit of all the Properties and the Owners, shall enforce the provisions of this Declaration and the Bylaws. In addition to the duties and powers imposed by the Bylaws and any resolution of the Association that may be hereafter adopted, the Board shall have the power and be responsible for the following, in way of explanation, but not limitation:
  1. Insurance. Obtain policies of general liability; property; and directors and officer insurance.

  2. Legal and Accounting Services. Obtain legal and accounting services, if necessary, to the administration of Association affairs, administration of the Common Maintenance Areas, or the enforcement of this Declaration.

  3. Maintenance. Pay all costs of maintaining the Common Maintenance Areas.

  4. Maintenance of Lots. If necessary, maintain any Lot if such maintenance is reasonably necessary in the judgment of the Board to (1) protect Common Maintenance Areas or (2) to preserve the appearance and value of the Properties and/or Lot. The Board may authorize such maintenance activities if the Owner or Owners of the Lot have failed or refused to perform maintenance within a reasonable time after written notice of the necessity of such maintenance has been delivered by the Board to the Owner or Owners of such Lot, provided that the Board shall levy a special assessment against the Owner or Owners of such Lot for the cost of such maintenance.

  5. Discharge of Liens. The Board may also pay any amount necessary to discharge any lien or encumbrance levied against the entire Properties or any part thereof which is claimed or may, in the opinion of the Board, constitute a lien against the Properties or against the Common Maintenance Areas rather than merely against the interest therein of particular Owners. Where one or more Owners are responsible for the existence of such liens, they shall be jointly and severally liable for the cost of discharging it and any costs or expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of title search incurred by the Board by reason of such lien or liens. Such fees and costs shall be assessed against the Owner or Owners and the Lot responsible to the extent of their responsibility.

  6. Utilities. Pay all utility charges attributable to Common Maintenance Areas.

  7. Security. Pay all costs deemed appropriate by the Board to ensure adequate security for the Lots and Common Maintenance Areas constituting the residential community created on the Properties.

  8. Right to Contract. Have the right to contract for all goods, services, maintenance, and capital improvements provided.

  9. Improvement of Common Maintenance Areas. Improve the Common Maintenance Areas with capital improvements to such Common Maintenance Areas.

  10. Right of Entry. Enter any Lot or Residence when reasonably necessary in the event of emergencies or in connection with any maintenance, landscaping or construction for which the Board is responsible. Except in cases of emergencies, the Board, its agents or employees shall attempt to give notice to the Owner or occupant of any Lot or Residence twenty-four (24) hours prior to such entry. Such entry must be made with as little inconvenience to the Owners as practicable and any damage caused thereby shall be repaired by the Board if the entry was due to an emergency (unless the emergency was caused by the Owner of the Lot entered, in which case the cost shall be specially assessed to the Lot). If the repairs or maintenance activities were necessitated by the Owner's neglect of the Lot, the cost of such repair or maintenance activity shall be specially assessed to that Lot. If the emergency or the need for maintenance or repair was caused by another Owner of another Lot, the cost thereof shall be assessed against the Owner of the other Lot.

  11. Adoption of Rules and Regulations. The Board may adopt reasonable rules and regulations governing the maintenance and use of the Common Areas, the Common Maintenance Areas, the Properties, fines, and other matters.

  12. Declaration of Vacancies. Declare the office of a member of the Board to be vacant in the event that a member of the Board is absent from three consecutive regular meetings of the Board.

  13. Employment of Manager. Employ a manager, an independent contractor, or such other employee as the Board deems necessary and describe the duties of such employees.

  14. Payment for Goods and Service. Pay for all goods and services required for the proper functioning of the Common Maintenance Areas.

  15. Impose Assessments. Impose annual and special assessments.

  16. Bank Account. Open a bank account on behalf of the Association and designate the signatories required.

  17. Easements. Execute any and all covenants, easements, or other necessary documentation relating to the use of Common Areas and Common Maintenance Areas.

  18. Exercise of Powers, Duties and Authority. Exercise for the Association all powers, duties and authority vested in or delegated to the Association and not reserved to the membership by other provisions of the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, or this Declaration. The Board shall have all powers and authority permitted to it under this Declaration and the Bylaws. However, nothing contained herein shall be construed to give the Board authority to conduct a business for profit on behalf of all the Owners or any of them.